Industries Served

Decision Associates M&A works with business owners and buyers across several industries, including manufacturing, architecture and engineering, construction and construction management, healthcare and medical, and food production and distribution.


The key to high-multiple sales in manufacturing is to research and identify potential buyers who have a strategic benefit.

Decision Associates M&A’s expertise in manufacturing is among clients with $5 million to more than $50 million in annual revenue. These companies tend to be privately owned and profitable at or above the norms for their industry. Past clients include those in large metal fabrications, metals forging, plastics molding, machining/tooling, industrial packaging, plating/coatings and construction materials as well as proprietary and patented products within those sectors.

Manufacturing buyers generally are much larger, often public companies of the Fortune 1000. Typically, we are contacting a buyer who is not actually looking for a purchase. Therefore, the key to a high-multiple sale in these sectors is to research the buyer pool to identify potential buyers who have a strategic benefit based on geography, intellectual property, patents, capacity, customer set, product extensions and other key factors. We develop a matrix of benefit to show the buyers the value they are receiving in multiple aspects of our client’s business, which creates a higher transaction price.

Architecture & Engineering

Our architecture and engineering clients often serve a niche highly desirable to buyers seeking to acquire new sectors.

Decision Associates M&A’s architecture, engineering and construction experience includes several of the region’s leading firms. Our architecture and engineering clients generally serve a specific niche in commercial, medical or educational sectors. These niches are highly desirable to buyers who wish to acquire new market sectors. Purchasing a high performing architecture, design engineering or infrastructure engineering firm is often the only way to make inroads into these industries.

Our approach is to identify multiple buyer prospects who can realize a strong benefit from a niche (e.g. medical) and would be negatively impacted if a competitor made the acquisition. This drives the transaction price higher.

Construction & Construction Management

Our approach in construction is to identify companies that may benefit from contiguous market geography or new sector.

Construction is, by its nature, a regional business. For companies wishing to expand, acquisition is the fastest and often least expensive pathway. Decision Associates M&A clients in this sector range from about $5 million to $60 million in annual revenue. Our clients typically have deep expertise in a particular type of construction, e.g., industrial buildings, oil and gas facilities, medical, educational, scientific, pharmaceutical or specialty warehousing. The same can be said of our construction management clients.

In this industry, the buyer most often is a company that wants to expand into a new market segment or geography. Doing this through organic expansion takes a very long time and is marginally profitable for years. Our approach to finding the right buyer prospects is to identify construction companies that would benefit by a new, contiguous market geography or construction sector.

Healthcare & Medical

In healthcare and medical, we identify the motivations and strategic benefits that potential buyers are targeting.

Decision Associates M&A has worked with a wide range of healthcare and medical businesses, such as physician practices, medical supply companies, physical therapy practices and others. In the healthcare and medical industry, the seller usually has been contacted by one or more prospective buyers. Our role is to ensure that we identify similar prospects and research the strategic benefits that each potential buyer is targeting.

Using this information, we create a competitive environment for the sale. In these transactions, there are multiple potential buyers, but each has a different end game from geographical expansion and building scale to acquiring practitioners and new patients or customers. We research thoroughly until we understand each buyer’s motivations and use that to drive negotiations.

Food Production & Distribution

Our expertise in food production includes process engineering and software firms, equipment and technology manufacturers.

Decision Associates M&A has a long history with food processing and production companies, but much has changed in the last 30 years. Outside of candy producers (with whom we have a great deal of experience) there are few independent food producers as regulatory costs have made it impossible for small scale companies to succeed. Our expertise today is with the process engineering and software firms as well as equipment and technology manufacturers. These companies are in high demand because large scale food processing is highly automated and the cleaning and sanitation processes are complex. Our clients typically are 30- to 100-employee companies that have a deep expertise in a particular form of process engineering, process software or process architecture.

Buyers in food production and distribution are of three types:

  • Equipment producers who want to add process engineering, software or design in order to create a one-stop solution for their customers.
  • Manufacturers in food, beverages, canning or packing who want inhouse expertise.
  • Large engineering or software companies that want growth and market acquisition through a purchase.

Our approach is to survey potential buyers and determine which type of buyer and market segment will yield the highest transaction value. We then establish a competitive bidding process to drive negotiations.