Finding the perfect match of business buyer and seller

Why You Need to Know About Buying A Business Purchase Agreement Papers Image by Mergers and Acquisitions

With decades of experience helping buyers acquire companies, Decision Associates M&A understands what you need to know about buying a business.

Working closely with you, our mergers and acquisitions experts conduct targeted research to deliver insights related to:

  • The state of the marketplace: there are always sellers, but is the market active for the best sellers?
  • Identifying targets that are the best fit for your strategic goals, including:
    • Markets
    • Geography
    • Patents
    • Logistics
    • Technology
    • Workforce skills
    • Intellectual Property
    • Customer Acquisition
  • Businesses that best fit your financial objectives
  • Businesses that align with your culture and value preferences

To help you assess a business for acquisition, Decision Associates M&A analyzes the company’s strengths and weaknesses in operations, leadership, business development, market reach, customers and more. Our process enables us to find the perfect match of buyer and seller.

In turn, we determine how you can efficiently integrate and manage the business once it is acquired. Decision Associates M&A also helps you scale your acquisition intentions to match your operating capabilities and ability to absorb the acquisition.

To learn more about what you need to know about buying a business, contact Decision Associates M&A today.