Targeting qualified buyers with ready capital

What Do Buyers Really Want Businessman Shaking Hands over Papers Image by Mergers and Acquisitions

Decision Associates M&A knows what business buyers really want, including strong EBITDA, management talent, proprietary product and diverse customers.

In our experience most business owners think that their business is worth more than it really is. Typically, the reason for this optimism is a lack of understanding of how a qualified buyer looks at your business.

Our business selling and buying experts understand that qualified buyers with ready capital carefully consider the following factors:

  • Strong EBITDA
  • Management talent and depth
  • Proprietary product or intellectual property
  • Customer diversification and market presence
  • Sales and marketing strategies and processes
  • Condition of facilities, equipment and technology
  • Systems and technology infrastructure
  • Environmental compliance

If you are considering selling your business, as a first step we recommend that you take this self-assessment.


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