Identifying the best buyer for your business

Assessing Your Readiness Self Test Deal Blocks Image by Mergers and AcquisitionsWhen it comes to selling your business to the “best” buyer, Decision Associates M&A has the experience to guide you through the process.

Our mergers and acquisitions experts work closely with you to provide analysis and counsel regarding:

  • The state of the marketplace: is there a strong buyer cycle at this time?
  • Buyers that have a strong incentive to buy your company for its:
    • Markets
    • Geography
    • Patents
    • Logistics
    • Technology
    • Workforce skills
    • Intellectual Property
    • Customer Acquisition
  • Buyers that align with your culture and value preferences
  • Buyers that are motivated to keep your company in place, maintaining your workforce and contributing to your community.

Other means to increase the selling price

  • Stop running expenses through the business, such as car, golf membership and insurances; these reduce profit and EBITDA
  • Set rent at a realistic market rate
  • Pay yourself no more than you would pay a CEO to run the business for you; excess compensation also reduces profit and EBITDA (you can take additional money as a distribution at year end)
  • Capitalize any purchase that can be, rather than expensing it

To help you assess your business sale, Decision Associates M&A analyzes the company’s strengths and weaknesses in operations, leadership, business development, market reach, customers and more. Our process enables us to find the perfect buyer.

To learn more about what you need to know about selling your business, contact Decision Associates M&A today.